Hook week continues …

Lots of hard work over the last two days, we have learned all about the different geographical zones of the Earth, the water cycle, we’ve located countries in North and South America, identified the continents and even human and physical features – and that’s just expedition!! Wow!

I am so impressed with all your hard work 😃

Hook Week has begun!

Today, we started Hook Week and have introduced ourselves to our guiding question “How can we help the world we live in?” There were lots of Exploring Eddies, working brilliantly in groups to explore the different layers of the rainforest!

More beautiful artwork – Well done Jaiden 🌙

Here are our finished zentangles of the moon and stars! I am so impressed with the amount of effort and detail each and everyone of you put into your artwork! They look absolutely awesome up on display in the classroom 🌙⭐️

Jaiden is our learning legend for his Stickability attitude. He paid great attention to detail and his final piece reflects the hard work he put in.

Another great day for Crew Myers

Another great day of learning and collaborating in our groups. We have enjoyed recalling the events of a story, we were Choosing, Checking, Changing Charlie’s in maths where I was blown away with the confidence in column method and roman numerals and lots of excellent Crew attitude in today’s Crew Mission where we built bridges that could hold a variety of different objects!

Well done Superstars! 💫

Super proud of my Motivated Mo’s

Wow! What a busy start to the week. Today we have enjoyed creating comic strips and story boards to retell today’s story. We then focussed on Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night artwork and recreated our own version using oil pastels. We’ve enjoyed getting back into accelerated reader and even created some of our own learning aliens!

Well done everyone 😌

An awesome start to Year 5!

Crew Myers have had a great start to Year 5 so far this week and I have been blown away by the enthusiasm towards their learning so far! Yesterday, we acted out the movements of the sun and moon and today we created collages of a sunrise based on one of our stories!

It’s so nice to see all of your smiling faces back in school – keep up the awesome work! 😁