Community Crew Role Model 💫

This weekend, when I received an email from Freya explaining what she has been doing to help our local community, I was incredibly proud! Freya has shown lots of compassion and brilliant crew traits by ‘being kind’ and litter picking around Thorne.

Freya commented:

We got a new puppy and realised when we were taking him for a walk, there is lots of litter on the floor. My dog would try and eat it, which we obviously don’t want him to do because it is dangerous and could make him poorly. We got in touch with Doncaster council and they sent us some litter pickers, safety gloves, high vis vests and bags. We now pick up what we can around our neighbourhood.

What an excellent role model to our Crew and school and what a very lucky puppy you have having you to look after him! Well done Super star! 100 Howl Points!! 💫


I would just like to give a big shoutout to Sophia for her amazing model that she created at home to demonstrate the impact of forest fires and deforestation. This is awesome Sophia and shows your brilliant understanding of our Expedition! I’m super proud – Well done ⭐️⭐️


All Block 📚

Some awesome collaboration and coaching today in All Block. I was so proud of how you all supported each other to complete the activities based on deforestation. 20 HOWL points each!


Lots of Stickability Stans in one of our maths groups today. This group of children worked really hard on multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000.

20 hps each – well done to you all ⭐️

Special Visitor! 🔥 👩‍🚒

Year 5 and 6 have been so lucky today by having Firefighter James Fenwick in to talk to them about the devastating fires at Hatfield Moors back in May 2020- this linking to our expedition surrounding Deforestation.

James was one of many of the brave firefighters that worked tirelessly at the moors to combat these fires for 6 weeks and explained to us the effects the fires had on the local wildlife and their habitats as well as showing us lots of different images and explaining his journey on this job; from the start of the fires, all the way through to the end. We were all so shocked at the damage that was caused by a disposable bbq!!

The children had lots of questions for James about the moors fire and found it really interesting hearing the ins and outs of his job role. A huge thank you to him for answering them so well and for taking time out of his busy, important schedule to come and talk through this with us. We really appreciate it!!

🔥 🌲 🦌 🐍





This morning in Crew, we discussed how we can further improve our writing in our touchdowns. In groups, we thought about ways we can use resources and our English books to support us further in achieving our ME on the writing rubric.

Here is our list that we created, we will display this in the classroom to help us on our next writing touchdown.

I am looking forward to seeing if this helps you all to improve your writing.