This weeks FEEL GOOD FRIDAY challenge requires your help again. If you are a member of our school community in any way. Child, Parent, Staff member, Governor, Trust member,Community member who’s seen our blog – we need your help.

We want photos of all of you holding a poster saying ‘here for you’. This can be as fancy or plain as you wish to make it.

Jersey is sharing an example below

Please send your photos to KS1@greentopschool.co.uk by 3pm Thursday (2.4.2020)

Thanks for keeping all of our spirits up during the uncertain time.


Tuesday’s Learning Legend … Oliver!

Today’s Learning Legend just has to go to … Oliver!

I am super proud of Oliver these last two weeks as he is trying so exceptionally hard with his online home learning. He has been so motivated to complete all of his English, Maths and Expedition slides each day and puts in 100% effort.

Yesterday he planted a beautiful flower which he is going to look after – it will flower in the Summer when this strange time is over and give his family something to look after. Today, he has written a beautiful Easter acrostic poem which reflects how he is feeling at the minute.

Well done, Oliver! You are a true Can Do Colin!


Declan is absolutely blowing me away with his home learning! He has been such a Stickability Stan at home completing all of his learning daily and really trying his hardest with his Maths, English and Expedition slides! He is busy working hard today and practising his spellings! I am super proud of him!

Week 2 plans for home learning

As you will know next week and the week after should have been the Easter holidays. However, Green Top will remain open to key worker families. Therefore there will still be people available to answer your calls, texts and emails Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

We will be continuing with Google hangouts and Google classroom in the same way we have this week and there will still be work set for English and Maths skills lessons daily. In addition there will be fun activities to complete as part of the Expedition learning plans. It would be great to catch up with you using one of these tools each day. We encourage you to have some down time too but don’t want to lose your enthusiasm and engagement in the home learning success we’ve had this week. It is such an uncertain time and all staff, children and parents who’ve spoken to me have really valued the positive impact the communication with friends and staff has had on the Green Top children and wider community. Unfortunately, no one knows how long this period of enforced school closure will last for and lots of you have asked me for more ideas of things to do at home when you’re stuck in the house.

We’d like to hear from you as often as possible and therefore will continue with our safe and well checks next week. As always if you need to talk or have anything to ask we’re at the end of the phone, email or text service.

Hope to see you all in hangouts or google classroom next week, send your teachers/phase leaders lots of photos too and look out for next weeks challenge for feel good Friday.


Mrs Claira Salter


As part of diversity week, Year 6 have been looking in to the story of ‘Wonder’. We have focused on recognising the uniqueness of every individual and why it is important to celebrate diversity.

Today we focused on writing diary entries imagining what it would be like for Auggie on his first day at school. As you will see from the video, the quality of the emotive writing which has been produced by our Year 6’s (during their home learning) is amazing! These diary entries are completely unaided and have been written independently by the children.

I am so proud of my Crew today, and every day!

Another great day!

Another successful learning day today!

We have continued to work on ratio in maths and reading in English -we had lots of great retrieval skills in English! Lots of children have shared their learning with me on Hangouts too, I have seen pictures of rainbows, spelling practise and a solar system drawing! All very impressive!

Today’s learning legends are Rosie and Rylie!

Rosie eared a Motivated Moe as she filled everyone with positivity in Crew this morning and Rylie has earned a Stickability Stan as she is completing all of her work to the same standard that she would in school!

Well done!

Green Top Home school suggested timetable