Motivated Mo’s

These 3 boys have been great Motivated Mo’s during our English writing! They have worked incredibly hard on their non-chronological reports and conducted some detailed research on high speed trains before writing their paragraphs. They were so proud of their writing they showed it to both Mrs Overson and Miss Salter!


Anti-Bullying Week

Next week is national anti-bullying week which we will be celebrating again this year as a school.  Odd socks day – Show and express your true self and individuality on Tuesday 12th November 2019!  The crazier the better, let’s all sparkle and shine together 🙂

Odd Socks Day Banner

What is it?

Most importantly, Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun! It’s an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!

For more information and resources for you guys at home and to help with any concerns linked to cyber-bullying and e-safety – check out their official website link here  !

Poppy Appeal

Poppy appeal items will be on sale all Thursday and Friday this week they will be brought round to classes by school councilors but can also be purchased at break and lunch times in class 12.

All items available are 50p from the box or any donation for a paper poppy.

We thank you for your continued support!

Operation Christmas Child

Please help us pack and send 100 shoe boxes to a child in need for them to open on Christmas day! 

For more information see below or click here to visit the Operation Christmas Child‘s Website.

We will be collecting donations between the 4th and 13th November 2019. If you would also wish to donate £1 towards the shipping of these boxes it will be very gratefully received.

Each class will have around 6 shoe boxes to pack up and send to a child across the globe! We are asking for new or like new donations to help a child in need on Christmas day.  Please see below for donation ideas.
We thank you again for your continued support with all we do, thank you!

World Mental Health Day

Today, Crew Knowles talked about mental health and the importance of sharing our thoughts and feelings. We share our feelings daily and we always listen to our friends and peers but today we thought we’d really try to put a smile on someones face. Each child in Crew Knowles chose someone else to say something nice about and they told them individually face to face. The children came up with such thoughtful comments and really supported each other to feel good about themselves. They then visited Crew Overson next door to say a few nice things to them! It was appreciated by all and our Crew will continue to try to put a smile on each other’s faces!


Long Division

I am so incredibly proud of the children in Crew Knowles who have worked tirelessly to teach themselves long division. They have used videos and models as well as the support of each other to get to grips with the method. It has taken motivation, perseverance and a lot of checking and changing. The children who have achieved this had such a sense of pride and are eager to continue practising their new skill!