World Mental Health Day

Today, Crew Knowles talked about mental health and the importance of sharing our thoughts and feelings. We share our feelings daily and we always listen to our friends and peers but today we thought we’d really try to put a smile on someones face. Each child in Crew Knowles chose someone else to say something nice about and they told them individually face to face. The children came up with such thoughtful comments and really supported each other to feel good about themselves. They then visited Crew Overson next door to say a few nice things to them! It was appreciated by all and our Crew will continue to try to put a smile on each other’s faces!


Long Division

I am so incredibly proud of the children in Crew Knowles who have worked tirelessly to teach themselves long division. They have used videos and models as well as the support of each other to get to grips with the method. It has taken motivation, perseverance and a lot of checking and changing. The children who have achieved this had such a sense of pride and are eager to continue practising their new skill!


Forest School

Crew 16 really enjoyed their session of Forest School this week. They displayed some lovely characteristics such as friendship, support, resilience and communication. Whilst some children were getting the fire going, others chose to build a den in the forest school area. The fire proved tricky but they persevered and got it started in the end! Their hard work and resilience was rewarded with hot chocolate and marshmallows! We can’t wait for out next session!



The children of Green Top are currently working hard to develop their reading fluency. Class 16 have tried lots of strategies this week and are particularly enjoying listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Listening to the story allows the children to feel more comfortable when reading themselves as they are more familiar with difficult words such as character names. Our next step is to follow the story in a book whilst listening to the audio version as this will develop reading fluency and word recognition further.



Year 6: Developing chemistry knowledge!

As part of case study 1 in our theme ‘Do You Understand The Magic of Motion?’, children have been studying chemistry to study reversible and irreversible changes. In this experiment, children were tasked with separating materials through using different processes such as filtration. Our next steps are now to look at how steam was used to power trains during the industrial revolution. We will discuss the how energy is made from the coal and we will link this to our reversible and irreversible knowledge.

This was our critique from the lesson:

I notice…We learnt how to separate two substances (Kenzie)

I praise…We used materials to filter our liquid to make it cleaner (Hattie)

I wonder…try different equipment as filters