Corey the Legend!

Corey was one our Learning Legends today due to always having a ‘work hard’ attitude. He always puts in his best effort and is really challenging himself in maths! Not only this, Corey loves looking after our environment and definitely follows our Be Kind aspect of our rubric!

Sentence openers …

Yesterday, Crew Knowles looked at improving their balanced arguments using sentence openers. Firstly, the crew recapped some of the different sentence openers they could have used. As well as this, they used dice roll mats to generate a word which they then used in a sentence. Finally, they edited their paragraphs by adding in the different openers. Despite the tricky challenge, Crew Knowles persevered and used some great openers!

I wonder … how many sentence openers have I used in this paragraph?!


The Daily Mile…let’s do this!!!

Today, Year 6 started their day off right!!! We’ve reintroduced the daily mile in to our day as part of our crew sessions.

We want to promote those healthy lifestyles and increase our heart rates after such a long time off from school. After lockdown, we have discussed the positives from running the daily mile such as boosting our mental health, reducing child obesity and giving people the freedom back to exercise outside and be free.

Well done everyone! You all tried really hard and took it at your own pace. We are excited for tomorrow’s daily mile!

#crew #wearecrew


Noah is today’s Learning Legend has he has showed a great learning attitude this week and has been a wonderful friend to our new crew member. What great attributes to have – well done Noah!

Identifying features

Today we looked at identifying the features of a balanced argument. Our model text was ‘should children be allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast?’ There were some very strong arguments! Everyone did a great job at picking out the features and we now feel confident understanding the structure of a balanced argument!

Lovely learning legends!

It’s hard to choose Learning Legends in Crew Knowles as everyone is so deserving! However, our most recent legends are Alex, Lauren and Courtney! Well done for your amazing learning attitude!


A collaborative kind of day!

We have done lots of different collaborative activities today both in English and Expedition! In English we looked at the different types of nouns and the children moved around the room adding to each sheet with examples.

In Expedition, we looked at climate change and tried to answer some difficult questions about the effects of climate change as well as the difference between weather and climate!


Awesome AJ

AJ has been one of our recent Learning Legends due to his sheer perseverance and determination to take his time with his art work and all of the detail he could. His work took two days to complete but he was determined to keep the same high standard until the very end.

Perfect predictions!

Today Crew Knowles were introduced to their new class text – Kenzuke’s Kingdom! Each group were given the front cover a piece at a time and had to predict what they thought the book would be about. We had lots of adventurous predictions and each group used the images well to back up their predictions!