Daily Critique!

I notice…a wonderful week getting to know some of the new children

I praise..the children who have accessed the transition activities on the learning platform

I wonder…what exciting things we will be part of next week?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Today’s Learning Legend is….


Well done Eva for being a Connecting Connie today by drawing a picture for her new teacher using her knowledge of  2D shapes! Eva spoke about this in her play and was excited to share her work with her friends!

Well done Eva I am super proud of your love of learning and your confidence to share!

Daily Critique!

I notice…how many new nursery children have been in touch today

I praise… how confident children were talking on hangout to their new teachers about their interests

I wonder…How many children will share their transition work tomorrow?

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Daily Critique!

I notice…some children have already sent in their song line for the crew song

I praise…I have made a poster all about school and spoken about things that make me happy and sad (Tianna)

I wonder…How many of our new children have managed to use the learning platform?


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