This weeks FEEL GOOD FRIDAY challenge requires your help again. If you are a member of our school community in any way. Child, Parent, Staff member, Governor, Trust member,Community member who’s seen our blog – we need your help.

We want photos of all of you holding a poster saying ‘here for you’. This can be as fancy or plain as you wish to make it.

Jersey is sharing an example below

Please send your photos to KS1@greentopschool.co.uk by 3pm Thursday (2.4.2020)

Thanks for keeping all of our spirits up during the uncertain time.


Shout out!

A shout out for Deacon and his family for making a ‘here for you’ poster for their home window and for baking a batch of buns for his Auntie to collect and take to A&E where she works! Thank you for your kindness

Daily Critique!

I notice… children and their families working together to make the most of opportunities and showing kindness to others in the community

I praise… the amount of emails from parents explaining the learning their children are doing and highlighting their achievements

I wonder… if anymore ‘here for you’ posters will be created for Friday?


It's never too late to try to change the world #MondayMotivation ...

Today’s learning legend is…




Ted has been a real Motivated Mo today and has really impressed me with the amount of different activities he has done today! From mark making to following instructions to matching upper and lower case letters! Very impressive Ted you super star!

Daily Critique!

I notice… how creative Angelica’s maths was today and I can’t wait to do the same when I get back to nursery!

I praise…the ‘here for you ‘ posters sent in today-thank you!

I wonder… how many children will explore alliteration this week? Don’t forget the learning platform will help you with this!



AAA State of Play on Twitter: "“Play is often talked about as if ...



Learning Legend today is…

Bobby G! Well done Bobby for working so hard to say the beginning sounds or words you know. I was so impressed with the video your mummy sent to me and I am very proud of how hard you concentrated to say the sounds correctly. Well done you !


Number Time!

Nathaniel and Angelica worked super hard today to write numbers! Angelica explored how they look by using play dough and then writing them and Nathaniel had a morning of Addition! Well done to both of you for this impressive work today