Exploring 2D shapes!

Nursery created pictures and drawings today using 2D shapes.

“Look I made a sunshine!” Amaya

“Do you like my house?” Ezra

“It needs a square for the tiny window” Alice


The children worked hard in collaborative groups to talk about what kind of picture they would like to make and what shapes they would need.

Fun with Phonics!

This week in phonics the children have been working hard to listen to and join in with rhyme. How many nursery rhymes do you know? Can you clap the rhyming couplets? Here are a few to keep you going! Don’t forget to record you fun with phonics in your homework book for your extra class reward!









Funky Friday Time!

The children enjoyed a movie and hot chocolate today for FFT!

The children have worked so hard this week with finding numbers around them, naming and exploring 2D Shapes, learning how to retell the ‘Three Little Pigs’ through song, role play and art. A well deserved treat for everyone!

World Mental Health Day

The Nursery children explored good mental health yesterday.The children spoke about when they are happy and they come to school they are excited and motivated to learn. The children explored the different feelings that we share in nursery each day but also learnt about ‘calm’. The children were challenged to draw how they were feeling and share this with the learning aliens. The children then had lots of fun making bubbles and watching, catching and moving slow and calm like a bubble!




Homework of the week!

Nathaniel recalled the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs ‘ and drew a beautiful picture of the wolf! Nathaniel confidently presented his work to his learning circle and the children noticed his wonderful writing and how he had been a ‘Have-a-go Henry’ with his work at home. Well done Nathaniel!


Well done Reeva!

Another super swimmer in nursery this year is Reeva! Well done Reeva for being brave and confident in the water! Reeva explained to her friends how she achieved her certificate and is very proud


Fun with Phonics

This week in Nursery the children have been listening to Audio stories. The children were challenged to listen without looking at pictures and then retell the story to a friend.

I wonder if at home this week you could get comfy, close your eyes and listen to a favourite story. Can you then tell it to your family? Don’t forget to record it in your homework book or see an adult for your class reward!