Where would you like to live in the future?

Class 9 & 10 have today been introduced to their new theme ‘Where would you like to live in the future?’.The children will be comparing Thorne, Doncaster and Bridlington throughout the next 10 weeks and deciding where they would rather live. Today, we split the classes into 2 groups and completed 2 separate tasks. Mrs Ogle took a group of children around Thorne looking for Human and Physical features. Can you remember any which you saw? Whereas, Mr Spetch took a group of children on a walk to Sainsbury’s & Lidl where they completed questionnaires with shoppers about Thorne as a town and the landmarks which they were aware of. This afternoon the children then sketched some of the landmarks in Thorne, they look amazing! A great first day back for Year 3!


  1. Jenny-Keira's mum

    What a lovely surprise when I came out of the shops! I over heard other shoppers saying how polite the children were and I have to agree!

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