Hands-on Maths Learning

Troy, Liam, Lacey and Harley produced some beautiful work in maths today. They used multi-link cubes to develop their understanding of what volume is and how we can calculate it. I was very impressed with the mathematical language they used and by the end of the lesson we had achieved gold standard. Great work guys!

Going for Gold! Green is great!

This week in Nursery the children have been working together to halve an amount! We used our smiley faces to help us remember what we are aiming for. The. children worked together using lots of different activities to show their understanding of halving amounts to ten and twenty! The language of learning in the classroom has been amazing this week. Well done Nursery!

“It helps us remember to do the stuff we should be doing (expected progress) Frankee

“If a friend doesn’t know how to do something we can help them. So if they can’t read a number 6 or 7 we can show them.” Cohen

“It helps us to get it right” Erin

” It helps us in our play to remember it” Flynn