Collaboration masters in theme.

This group of children in class 11 yesterday absolutely amazed me with their collaboration skills.  They worked so well as a group and organised their own learning. Each member was involved and had a role to fulfill which meant they achieved and made outstanding progress. Well done!! 

Phonics focus for class 3 this week

In class 3 this week we have been blending the sounds we learnt last half term to read CVC words


Here the children were adding sound buttons to the CVC words to help them read the words.






In this activity the children were taking it in turns to be the leader and checking their groups knowledge of the sounds.

Wonderful Writing

After all their hard work editing and improving class 11 completed their final touchdowns.  You all worked so hard and did an amazing job, thank you for all your hard work!!

Some examples below written by Max, Amelia and Brian:

Class 14 take over teaching!

I gave up being a teacher today – it’s nearly half term so I thought I deserved a break! I didn’t need to worry though as my class were more than willing to step in to my role..

Some of the children enjoyed being ‘teachers’ today and they taught their friends how to multiply large numbers using the correct method. They were very effective teachers and I know that they helped their friends to learn a lot. I was very impressed but now I am actually quite worried that Mr Butler might replace me with the Year 5s!

Super work!