Literacy labs independent work

Whilst I was working with a guided reading group today, the rest of the class were independently exploring the play doh and drawing descriptions of dinosaurs. All children were on task and engaged and questioning themselves, which shows how they are already maturing into fantastic year 2 students!

What a great literacy labs session!

Mrs Shaw

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The children in Class 7 absolutely loved creating their own dragons using play dough. The children were asked to think about how their dragon’s body weight is taken by its legs so had to really think about this and discuss with their partners how long/short or thick/thin the legs should be in order for their dragon to stand up.

As you can see, the children made some fabulous looking dragon’s and could all stand up! Also, we had so much fun doing it too!!

Class 7’s theme work


Wow!!!! What an engaging and creative afternoon we have had! Such teamwork, engagement, creativity, resilience and enthusiasm we have had, creating castles that have working drawbridges on them. They planned together in groups and decided themselves what equipment they would need and then today they were totally immersed in their task! Some groups even went as far as including details such as battlements, arrow loops, medieval windows and bricks!


Thank you for having such fantastic ideas class 7!