A win for Green Top Girls!

The KS2 girls football team played Marshland this afternoon! Both teams played extremely well and were a credit to their schools. With an equaliser scored in the last minutes of the second half, we faced penalties! All the girls played awesome and we managed to win 2:1 on penalties. As always, all the girls played their best and I couldn’t be more proud that they achieved the win they’ve deserved for so long! Keep up the hard work girls, you are improving as a team every week!

Photo’s to follow.

The human digestive system

This morning, Class 9 has great fun learning about our amazing digestive system. We looked at the journey the food we eat takes through our body.

Working collaboratively in groups, we learnt about the different parts of our body food travels through. As well as discussing the journey, we positioned pictures of the body parts on Jensen!

It was great fun and we all learnt a lot!

Visit from a dentist!

Yesterday, Year 3 and 4 were visited by Mrs Berry, a local dental hygienist. Mrs Berry spoke to the children about the importance of looking after teeth and the best ways of doing this. The children were very surprised about the amount of sugar which were in their favourite fizzy drinks! The children recalled all the great facts which they have learnt so far this term about teeth. Mrs Berry was very impressed!

Getting messy making teeth!

This week, we’ve been learning about teeth.

This afternoon, after learning about the different functions of our teeth, we had a go at creating models of incisors, canines and molars.  Using a mixture of glue, water & tissue paper, we carefully shaped the different types of teeth.

Aaron, Jensen and AJ got stuck in and created some fabulous teeth.

Well done boys!

What a fantastic day at Eureka!

Yesterday, Class 9 visited Eureka as part of our theme ‘What keeps us alive?’

We all had a great time looking around the ‘All about me’ section of the museum where there were lots of hands on activities.  We completed a quiz too and left the museum with lots more facts about the human body which we will use when we create our theme product.

The sun was shining all day so we were able to enjoy lunch in the sun before playing in the giant sandpit.

Well done to everybody in Class 9 for making the day enjoyable for all!