Explore Literacy Lab

We has lots of fun this afternoon in our new Explore Literacy Lab in Class 8.  The children were challenged  to work collaboratively to explore what size and shape a dragon’s legs would need to be to hold the weight of it’s body. They gave fabulous explanations for what they had found out and could explain which learning alien they had been.



Critique in year 2!

Today in class 8 the children completed self and peer critique on their draft touchdown writing. They showed an excellent understanding of the year 2 writing expectations and worked hard to identify what they had achieved already and what they needed to do to improve. I can’t wait to read their final dragon descriptions tomorrow!

Fantastic trip to Lincoln Castle!

Class 8 had a fantastic day out at Lincoln Castle today as part of their theme learning.  They took part in so many different learning activities including trying on real-life armour,  dressing the knights, shooting with bows and arrows, jousting, shield making, a banquet with the King, Queen, Lord and Lady and enjoying a tour around the castle walls.  What a busy day it was for us all!

You were all so well behaved and a credit to the school.