Green Top has got lots of Talent!


On Thursday 22nd March, we held our annual Green Top’s Got Talent event. There were 30 acts who took part in the auditions, performances and final show. We had an absolute treat of a show with various different acts including dancers, singers, boxing to music and gymnastics.

The winners were announced on the night, with Gwenyth, Megan and Emily receiving runners up awards and Tyler taking first place with his Ed Sheeran rendition.

We were overwhelmed by the confidence and attitude of everyone of our competitors and can’t wait to see what next year holds!

Thanks as always go to our judges and parents and carers for providing a great audience for the performers.

Well done guys!

Inspiring children!

As part of aspirations week, Class 8 watched an episode of CBBC’s My Life.  They listened carefully to how children had overcome the difficulty of losing limbs and learnt about their determination and perseverance to succeed in life.  Class 8 went on to represent their thoughts about these inspirational children in a way they chose, linking it to o ur learning aliens.

Aspirations week in class 8

Class 8 have a great week thinking about what job they would like to do in the future and the skills they will need to be able to do that job.  We had visitors in to talk to the children about the jobs they do and how hard they had to work to achieve their goal.  Well done to Lilli-Ann and Alfie for coming up with some fantastic questions.

Sticking to the budget!

Today as part of aspiration week, the children in class 8 explored how they could stick to a given budget and plan what they would buy for our KS1 celebration event.  They were fantastic at collaborating and totalling money using their addition skills.

Our first gold award winners!

We have two children who achieved their gold award in the F2/KS1 reading challenge at the end of last week.  Today Oliver was presented with his gold award and selected a Marvel Superhero book as his prize.  Our second gold award winner was sadly poorly today but will hopefully  be back soon to collect their prize!


We have relaunched our Attendance Challenge this half term rather than giving a £100 to the class with the best each term we are now giving £10 to the class with the best attendance each week (if there is a tie the matching winning classes will get £5). This has been a huge hit with the children.

So far class 3 and class 12 have won £10 to spend as they choose. Both classes are saving their money for a bigger reward. Watch the class blogs to see how they choose to spend their money!