William H Brown visit

This morning key stage 1 had a special visit from the estate agents William H Brown. They told us about their job and what they did and what is happening in Thorne to help it expand. They told us lots of interesting facts about Thorne and the children asked some great questions linked to our theme.

If anyone can answer this question on Tuesday they can have 10 house points and a treat from class 7’s treat box. How many people live in Thorne?


Thank you from Mrs Jackson, Mrs Hay, Mrs Wallace and Miss Hilton.

Fantastic Family Learning in Class 8

The children worked hard in teams to recreate models of landmarks in Thorne such as St Nicholas Church, McDonalds and a barge for the canal..  They thought carefully about the boxes and materials they used, the best way to join the materials together and how to decorate it to make it look its best.

Thank you to the parents and grandparents that joined us this afternoon.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children!

Walk 3- hook week

On Friday morning year 2 went on their final walk of hook week. We saw the water tower, went to the train station and visited Wykegate Park. The children loved playing on the park and found out lots more interesting information about Thorne like when the leisure centre was built and how a water tower works.


Thank you to all the adults that came on our walk your help and support is very much appreciated.


Mrs Jackson and Miss Hilton

Hook week- walk 2

Year 2 have had an amazing walk around Thorne this morning. We have all found out so much about Thorne’s history with the canal and boat yard, even Mrs Jackson and I have learnt so much and found everything so interesting. We visited the park, walked down the canal to see the lock and we were lucky enough to go into a boat yard and speak to 2 people that make boats and repair them! We walked past the fire station and back into the park to feed the ducks.


A big big thank you to Mrs Robertson for being our tour guide and local historian for the morning she did a great job. Once again thank you to all the parent and grandparent helpers that came with us. Your support is much appreciated and a huge help to us while we are out and about.


We can’t wait to learn more about the historic town of Thorne.


Thank you


Mrs Jackson and Miss Hilton

Day 2- hook week

Year 2 have had a big walk around Thorne this afternoon learning all about our new theme. We looked at historic parts of Thorne like Peel Hill, the church, the windmill and the market square. We stopped off at Morani’s for an ice cream treat and as you can see we all enjoyed it!


Thank you to the adults that came on our walk you were a big help.


Mrs Jackson and Miss Hilton

Welcome back Class 8!!

Wow! What a super start class 8 have made today to 2018.

The children were immediately hooked into our exploration ‘Would you like to live in a place like this?’

They have had such a busy day and have produced art work to enhance our classroom, worked collaboratively in teams to list all the places they know in Thorne and explored how we should use our new classroom environment to do our best learning.

As a class we discussed how we could enhance our classroom environment further including our wooden house and shop fronts.  The children have requested curtains for the house and after a class vote it was decided our new shop fronts would become a McDonalds and Moranis Gelato!  I can’t wait to see the signs and art work they produce for this!

Keep up the hard work class 8!

Mrs Jackson

Christmas party!!!!

Class 7 and 8 have had a great Christmas party this afternoon. We played lots of games, ate some party food and had a very special visitor. The children have been excellent this week in their concert and this afternoon for their party. Father Christmas said we were all on the nice list! Thank you to everyone that brought food and drink in for our party, we’ve had a great time.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mrs Jackson and Miss Hilton

Christmas Dinner at Green Top

We really enjoyed our Christmas Dinner today. Thanks to Natalie and her team for making it so special.

Christmas with the aliens!

Our KS1 Christmas play this year saw our nine learning aliens come and visit us to learn all about the Christmas story.  The children were absolutely amazing at learning lines, speaking loudly and clearly, singing some great songs and even doing some dancing during the final song!  Thank you to all the parents who provided costumes and helped the children learn their lines at home.  The KS1 staff team were very proud of the children’s efforts.