We have relaunched our Attendance Challenge this half term rather than giving a £100 to the class with the best each term we are now giving £10 to the class with the best attendance each week (if there is a tie the matching winning classes will get £5). This has been a huge hit with the children.

So far class 3 and class 12 have won £10 to spend as they choose. Both classes are saving their money for a bigger reward. Watch the class blogs to see how they choose to spend their money!


Help your child at home with Phonics

more resources and information have been added to the website today.

To find this new information easily please use the links below

Let us know how you find these resources and if there’s anything else you’d find helpful too!

If you notice a problem with any of the links here please let Miss Salter know so this can be rectified.

Writing for a real purpose in Class 8

The children in Class 8 have planned and written letters to Mel Hewitt to thank her for visiting us and teaching us about sketching.  Some of the letters will be posted to Mel and the children can’t wait to see if they will get a reply!

Some children took their final letters to show Mr Butler this afternoon.  They were really proud of themselves!

World book Day in Class 8

On Friday the children had a great time dressing up for World Book Day.  Thank you to the parents who went to so much effort to ensure the children looked fabulous.  Which characters can you spot in Class 8?

As part of World Book Day staff have written a quote about reading.  Can you spot them around the corridors?  Maybe you would like to write a quote about reading and share it with your class.

Super collaboration Class 8

This week we are learning about telling the time and this morning class 8 worked in collaborative teams to create a clock face.  Well done to everyone who achieved gold standard and could tell the time to the quarter hour.  Some children impressed me by already achieving green standard and telling the time to 5 minute intervals.  Keep up the hard work this week Class 8!

Well Done Charleigh!

Today Charleigh brought in her first tap dancing exam certificate and trophy to share in assembly.  Well done Charleigh, I love to hear about your out of school activities.