Christmas is coming to Green Top

Click the link here to read about all the Christmas events that are happening at Green Top this year.

Fabulous Phonics

In KS1 we teach phonics every day to support our children with their reading and writing skills. This week we have been learning the wh, ey, ew and oe digraphs.


I wonder if you could practice reading and writing words with these digraphs in at home…

wh – when, why, what, who, where

ey – money, donkey, valley, honey, turkey

ew – new, crew, blew, knew, pew

oe – toe, foe, sloe


Ryan and Faith worked so hard today and were able to put their new learnt words into sentences. Well done! 🙂



KS1 and EYFS house point award winners


Well done to the KS1 and EYFS house point winners this week! It was a delight to deliver assembly this morning and announce the winners. We celebrated lots of successes in and out of school. I have also set the new attendance challenge – let’s see which class is the winner!

Oliver’s Homework

Oliver has worked very hard at home, making this amazing boat. Not only did he use his sawing skills and technology knowledge, he also enhanced his writing skills too. Well done Oliver!

2D shapes in Year 1

This week Year One are busy learning all about 2D shapes. Can you go on a shape hunt at home to find some 2D shapes and talk about their properties? Take photos or draw them in your homework book. You will be awarded with 15 house points for doing some extra homework! Happy hunting!


Mrs Hay & Mrs Wallace 🙂

Ten Day Active Challenge

Thank you to everyone who completed the Ten Day Active Challenge – keep active and arriving at school on time!