Year 3 & 4 Christmas Concert!

Year 3 & 4 held their Christmas service in church today and presented letters of thanks to some of our emergency services for their hard work over the Christmas period. Thank you to Mr Hagyard, Mrs Walton, Mr Fenwick and Mrs Burnand for attending our service and passing on our letters. Merry Christmas from all of Year 3 & 4.




Christmas Dinner at Green Top

We really enjoyed our Christmas Dinner today. Thanks to Natalie and her team for making it so special.

Please Enjoy Christmas Scrooge!

In Class 10 today, the children have been working in groups to produce a performance speech to persuade Scrooge to enjoy Christmas. The children recognised how grumpy and miserable Scrooge is and then created some fantastic persuasive sentences to encourage him to enjoy Christmas! The children then performed their speech to the other groups which was then followed by some Class critiquing!

Letters To Say Thank You!

Today in Class 10, we have been writing letters to our emergency services to say thank you for all that they do over Christmas time and every other day of the year. I am absolutely amazed at the lovely things the children have included in their letters. We can’t wait to hand them then out at our Christmas service!



Saying Thank You To The Emergency Services!

This afternoon in Class 10, in groups the children worked collaboratively to explore different emergency services. We were focusing on the Police, Fire brigade, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses & 999 Call Centres. The children had three points to answer for each;
1) Describe the jobs that they do.
2) Describe their personalities and what type of people they are.
3) What would you like to say to them and why?
The children tomorrow will be using their information to write a thank you letter to an emergency service for all that they do at Christmas time and throughout the year. The children will then present these letters to the emergency services at our Christmas church celebration!


Our introduction to Baby Joshua!

On Tuesday, the children in Year 3 completed their first Roots of Empathy session, where they were introduced to ‘Baby Joshua’. The children asked some amazing questions all about Joshua, some of the questions included; What does he eat? How long does he sleep for? What does he play with? and  Does he sleep through the night? The children also had the opportunity to weigh and measure Joshua and to sing some songs to him. The children loved taking part in the session and have already said they can’t wait until next time!