Our great trip to EUREKA!

Yesterday, Year 3 visited EUREKA as part of our theme ‘What keeps us alive?’ The children had an amazing day exploring the different activities and completed a quiz collaboratively in groups which shows how much the children have learnt already! It was a fantastic trip which the children loved!

Greentop girls football

A huge well done to all the girls who played in the match tonight. We didn’t get a win but every single player played their hearts out and I couldn’t be more proud! The girls all showed amazing team work and determination against a very talented side. The girls are so excited for their next match in two weeks time! A huge thank you to all who came and supported: parents, staff, pupils and to Mr Oldridge for being our referee! 

A visit from fireman Jason

Today we had a special visitor in our assembly- fireman Jason.

Last Christmas, year 3/4 sent letters to our emergency services as a thank you for their services all year round but partically over the Christmas period. Fireman Jason was so touched he asked if he could come and thank the children for their letters. He gave a talk about what to do if ever the children are in a situation involving fire and Ryan from year 3 demonstrated how to ‘STOP, DROP and ROLL’.

Thr children had lots of questions and really enjoyed their visit.

Emily’s amazing dancing!

As we all know, Emily from Class 10 is an amazing and very talented dancer. Emily and her family regularly attend dancing competitions each weekend all over the country. Over the Easter holidays and weekends, Emily has won LOTS of trophies and medals which she is incredibly proud of, as we all are! Emily brought the trophies in to show us and the children were blown away by how well she has done. Great work Emily!

Awesome sketches by Thomas!

Thomas from Class 10 brought some amazing sketches in to show the children in our class. Thomas particularly enjoyed the art side of our last theme where we completed several sketches and he has carried this on at home. The sketches really are fantastic, well done Thomas!

Class 10 Family Learning.

This afternoon the children in Class 10 completed their family learning event. The children were set the challenge of making a ‘Dream Meal’ which focused on including at least 1 food from the 5 food groups. The children then gave their meal a name and created a menu using adjectives to describe and reasons why they chose that food.

The children have been learning all about healthy eating and the benefits of eating a balanced diet and their progress really showed today, they were amazing! Thank you to all who attended, the children loved it!

A week of hooking in Class 10!

This week in Class 10, the children were introduced to their new theme ‘What keeps us alive?’. The children have been completing some great hook week activities and produced some fab work for our classroom.

The children have been making fake blood and spines out of egg trays, as well as completing activities related to our new book ‘Demon Dentist’ by David Williams. We have also had a focus on Healthy Eating and the Benefits of completing Exercise. In maths we have been looking into millilitres and litres, which helped us to make our fake blood, as well as completing theme related word problems.

Today, we finished off the week by producing an exercise and healthy eating questionnaire in groups and then we questioned other groups. We then analysed the results by making a tally chart and producing a bar chart. The children were amazing at this considering we haven’t done it before. We then finished off the week by doing another of our ReflectEd sign language sessions which they children always enjoy! A great end to a fantastic week!