Has Banksy been to Green Top?

The children in years 5 and 6 have created this Banksy style graffiti as part of our theme. It is known that the Vikings used to graffiti by carving their name in runes on buildings and monasteries. To inspire our writing (a balanced argument), the children worked together to create what can only be described as a work of art! The children used a range of skills and had to work through a number of steps in order to get to the final product. Their craft was of a high quality and it was clear that previous explorations had developed their skills. We used a Banksy piece of artwork that was recently discovered in Hull and we put our own twist on it. I’m sure Banksy would be proud of our efforts!

What do you think? Is graffiti art or vandalism? Leave your comments below (this will help us plan our writing!)


A win for Green Top Girls!

The KS2 girls football team played Marshland this afternoon! Both teams played extremely well and were a credit to their schools. With an equaliser scored in the last minutes of the second half, we faced penalties! All the girls played awesome and we managed to win 2:1 on penalties. As always, all the girls played their best and I couldn’t be more proud that they achieved the win they’ve deserved for so long! Keep up the hard work girls, you are improving as a team every week!

Photo’s to follow.

Year 5/6 Family Learning

Year 5/6 enjoyed taking part in a Viking treasure hunt today for family learning. They had to discover all of the runes before breaking the code and then discover the Viking God. Once they had done this, they had to follow the coordinates to the prize! Everyone involved had great fun and it truly was a fantastic family learning!


Thank you to all those that came and supported (and joined in the fun)!

Girls football

 Another great match this evening with amazing effort from both teams! Green top played against another very talented side and unfortunately we didn’t get the win but all the girls played their hearts out should be so proud of themselves! I am unbelievably proud.

Keep up the hard work girls ready for the next match next half term!

Well Done Year 6

Congratulations to Year 6. The children and staff have been great this week. Every SATs paper the children have undertaken, has been completed so well. The children have demonstrated every Learning Alien we have at Green Top and have been very well supported by our great staff. Enjoy the rest of the week now and your trip to the Ice Cream parlour.