Phonics Challenge!

Ask your child to read the following sentences. Is the answer yes or no?


Is the sun wet?

Has a fox got six legs?

Can a duck quack?

Is it light at night?

Will a bee buzz in the morning?


Remember to look out for the digraphs and trigraphs!


We have relaunched our Attendance Challenge this half term rather than giving a £100 to the class with the best each term we are now giving £10 to the class with the best attendance each week (if there is a tie the matching winning classes will get £5). This has been a huge hit with the children.

So far class 3 and class 12 have won £10 to spend as they choose. Both classes are saving their money for a bigger reward. Watch the class blogs to see how they choose to spend their money!


Help your child at home with Phonics

more resources and information have been added to the website today.

To find this new information easily please use the links below

Let us know how you find these resources and if there’s anything else you’d find helpful too!

If you notice a problem with any of the links here please let Miss Salter know so this can be rectified.

EYFS train museum celebration

Thanks to all the parents and carers who came out to support our theme celebration and view the amazing work the children have produced this term. To see the children’s excited faces and hear them explain to their parents and carers what they’d been learning was fantastic. We have loved our theme and can’t wait to share the impact of the children’s progress this term at our celebration of learning day on the 18th April!


EasyPeasy App!

This week was the launch of our EasyPeasy App. I am so pleased to have welcomed parents already into the EasyPeasy pod! Don’t forgot to return your slip with your name and number and you can receive a text with the latest game  to get your child School ready! Today we tried the game of the week ‘sock puppets’ .

The focus of this game is writing and a simple game where children can explore using narrative and their creative thinking to tell a story. Skills children will need for creative writing when they are ready! Have fun at home and don’t forget to comment in the forum so we can see how much fun you are having!

Weekly phonics challenge (2)!

This week in phonics we’ve been looking at vowel sounds in words. So far we have looked at

ai (as in rain)

ee (as in sheep)

igh (as in light)

oa (as in boat)

oo (as in book but also as in cool)

or (as in fork)

Can you identify the vowel digraphs in these pictures…maybe you could write the words and send me a picture (


Miss Salter