Theme Learning in FS2

This week in our theme lessons we have been finding out how we can use foods to make new foods? We have been looking at foods that we can get from the farm.

The children worked collaboratively to order the pictures to make a jam sandwich. They then worked in groups to make their sandwiches – we had lots of fun!

Phonics – s a t i

This week in phonics we have been learning to recognise and sound the letters s, a, t and i. We have also been putting these sounds together to make words such as – a, is and sat. Please encourage children to recognise these sounds at home and leave a comment about your child’s learning! You could also practise reading the words on your child’s keyring. 10 house points will be awarded to each child who completes this task.

Look at how we have been practising our learning at school!


In phonics this week we have been playing rhyming bingo. We have been finding the rhyming words and matching them.

At home you could try thinking of rhyming words – can you think of any words that rhyme with…

  1. log?
  2. cat?
  3. bun?
  4. cake?
  5. wig?

If you can comment your child’s answers below we’ll reward them with 5 housepoints!

Reading challenge – and the power of YET!

We have set up the reading books ready to start our reading challenge. The books will be challenging for the children at the minute and children may say ‘I can’t read it’, the best response is ‘ You can’t read it on your own YET! but together we can read it…’ As we move through the half term we will blog each week the sounds we have been learning and some phonics challenges – this will help the children to decode the books the words in the books you receive at home.

If you could write a comment in the yellow reading diary for each book from the reading scheme you share at home we’ll be able to move your child along the reading challenge to receive rewards as they progress.

In class 3 and 4 books will be changed on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and we will mark and share home learning on a Thursday. Home learning activities will be sent home this week with lots of fun activities for you to complete at home.

If you have any questions please see the staff or email and we will respond.

Thanks for your continued support.