Phonics and Reading in EYFS

I have created a page within the Children and EYFS menu of the school website with lots of tips and ideas for supporting with phonics and reading at home.

The link to the page is here.

Please let me know if you want any further ideas adding, share anything you’ve enjoyed in the comments below and email me directly if you have any other requests.

Miss Salter


The nursery building update…

Miss Carter and I called to see Dan the building site manager to see the nursery and how it has changed this week. Dan and his team are working really hard to get the nursery finished so we can move back soon. The plasterer’s have been in, the windows have been fitted and we now have a roof and a floor in the extension part.

We are so excited to see the developments after half term.

Thanks to Dan for coming to see the key stage 1 children as part of their theme – looking at building materials and talking about his job.

Inside Baby Benny’s nappy bag!

As part of our routes of empathy sessions we discussed what a baby would need for a journey. We looked inside Baby Benny’s nappy bag. Benny has grown so much since we last saw him. He’s sitting up and trying very hard to crawl too!

Benny has a red baby record book in his bag where his height and weight are recorded. Mrs Dewsnap challenged us all to ask our mums and dads about our red book and find out what is written in our books. Mrs Dewsnap said we would get 10 house points if we can find something out about ourselves as a baby from our red book.


Here are more photographs from our wonderful visit to the National Railway Museum.


We have had an amazing day at the train museum for the EYFS visit. Thanks to all the parents and carers who were able to attend and support the visit!

Paddington came too!

We didn’t forget his marmalade sandwiches.

We dressed up like we would have done if we went on a days holiday over 100 years ago. We put on the clothes the children would have worn and we sat in the carriages, looking at the way the doors and windows opened too!


We looked at the Mallard train from above and walked under on of the trains.

We tried out the seats on one of the trains.  We compared our height to the height of the tunnel that goes to France and looked at the Euro star train.


We have had a great day. Mrs Cook, Miss Hughes and Miss Carter took lots of photos too so some of those will be added here soon!

Subtraction number sentences

Theo amazed me this week, following our introduction to number sentences for subtraction in class 3 on Tuesday. I challenged him to solves a number sentence using the balls outdoors. Theo selected the blue balls and then the yellow ones and we created a numbers sentence which he solved independently. After a good search outdoors he found the ball he needed for his answer! Well done Theo, awesome subtraction solving!

Watch out Little Mix!

I had the pleasure of taking 3 very excited children to XP, to record our learning song in the official recording studio used by Sine FM. This is  where they broadcast the community radio from the school. It was amazing to share this experience with the children. These 3 children were chosen due to their fantastic progress last term, their attitude to learning, confidence and attendance.

What an absolute delight!

Paddington challenge!

Following our hook week I would like to set you a challenge all about Paddington!

If you know the answers to any of these questions ask your gown ups to post your replies and each reply will win 10 house points!

  1. Where is Paddington from originally?
  2. Who found Paddington sitting on his suitcase?
  3. What did Paddington’s label say?
  4. What is Paddington’s favourite food?
  5. Who is Michael Bond and why is he important to Paddington?

I can’t wait to see your responses!

Miss Salter

Outdoor Learning

It’s been a cold week in Thorne, but that hasn’t stopped class 3 and 4 learning outdoors.

Here you can see us solving addition problems by counting how many bean bags we could get in the bucket altogether.

We had to sign the train register if we were building in the train yard too.

The weather doesn’t stop us having fun!