Three heads are better than one!


Class 9 love working collaboratively in groups to share their outstanding ideas.

This morning, the children have put their heads together to create their own Fishbone to support them innovating our text later on this week.

Brilliant job guys!!

Miss Laing

Outdoor Learning! Hurray for summer!!!


Now that the weather has perked up, Class 9 have really enjoyed taking their learning outside.

Here are some of the children finishing off their English work in the glorious sunshine! Also this week, the children have been adding fractions outside in small groups using the hopscotch method. So much fun!!

Let’s hope the weather stays kind to us for the rest of the term.

Miss Laing

Green Top’s Learning Song

During Arts Week, the entire school came together to produce this music video. Thanks to all the staff involved, especially Mrs Close and Mr Mumby. Enjoy!
Sing along with the words:

The Chocolate Story, York- Part 2


Well, where to start?!?

The children turned in to true chocolatiers on the trip yesterday as they made lickable, bubblegum wallpaper, quality tasted various different types of chocolates, learned how chocolate was made and where it originated from and finally, they got to create their own white chocolate lollies.

Also, a special well done to all of the children on the trip as they all conducted themselves ever so sensibly in and around the city of York, as well as in The Chocolate Story itself. I am extremely proud of them!

A fantastic day was had by all (including the staff who also got to stuff their faces with all of the chocolate)!!!


Miss Laing

Do you fancy a change?

fancy dressIMG_3430[1]IMG_3432[1]IMG_3434[1] IMG_3431[1]

This week, the children have been getting creative and working very hard to immerse our classroom in to our new theme.

They have been extremely busy painting large multi-coloured sweets, the TV from the television room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and also “The Great Glass Lift”.

On Monday, some of the children also came in to school dressed up as their favourite character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- they all looked fab!!!

Miss Laing


We hope that you are all having a fantastic Easter holiday!

Just a reminder that on Monday 24th April (the first day back at school) the children are welcome to come in to school dressed as their favourite character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is part of our hook week for the new theme “Do you fancy a change?”.

Also, pretty please can the children save any wrappers/foil from their Easter eggs and confectionery (in decent condition) to support us with fully immersing the classrooms in to our new theme.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the rest of your holiday.


Miss Laing and Mrs Raper

Easter Maths Challenge

Hi guys,

Below is your Easter Maths Challenge:

Mr Butler has got 12 Easter eggs. He eats 1/3 of the eggs. How many eggs does he have left? 

The first person from both Class 8 and 9 to comment with the correct answer will win the prize of an Easter egg.

We look forward to reading your comments.

Thanks, Miss Laing and Mrs Raper

Arts Week



What an exciting time Year 3 are having during Arts Week.  On Monday, they went outside to create paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock, which look amazing.  Then on Tuesday they took part in a Martial Arts workshop, led by Invictus Academy and practised some impressive moves.


A brilliant time was had by members of the Green Top KS2 Book Club today at the Doncaster Book Award Finale, held at the Dome.We have been reading, blogging and voting for the books all year and today was when we discovered the winners!DBA5 Doncaster Book Award



Arriving early, we had time to practise making lots of noise with our home-made shakers and then the fun started…….

Liz Millions, an illustrator and writer, gave us a very entertaining crash course into how to draw imaginary creatures like dragons and unicorns. Starting with a potato or baked bean shape, she gave us tips on how to create fabulous cartoon characters. Just by changing the eyes and the mouth, she demonstrated how to completely transform a picture – and all done with her unique, hilarious sense of humour!


Joshua (call him Josh) Seigal was up next! He entertained us with his brilliant, interactive poems about chicken, his dog and how he ‘doesn’t like poetry’! We learnt lots about rhythm and how to perform poetry and it was great how he got us all joining in. He was then kind enough to sign our books and pose for a photograph with us!

DBA4      DBA3

In the afternoon, after a second ‘slot’ by Liz Millions (Teddy Bears and Pirates this time!), we were delighted to welcome Philip Ardagh, the’ 2 Metres Tall, bearded, international best-selling children’s author’ to the stage. His wacky style had us howling with laughter – especially when he told us the story of his second-hand (sorry ‘second-bottom) pants that he was forced to wear.


Finally, the winners of this year’s awards were announced. Congratulations go to Primary List winner, Julian Clary, for ‘The Bolds’; Secondary List winner, Amy Alward for ‘The Potion Diaries’; and Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes, winner of the poetry list.

The BoldsThe Potion DiariesRevolting Rhymes

A big ‘Thank You’ to the committee and volunteers of the Doncaster Book Awards for staging another fantastic event, yet again free of charge. Check out their website on for more photos, news and events.