Sports day 2017

Wow what a great sports day we’ve had this afternoon and we just missed the rain! Well done to everyone for taking part and being great sports. I think we have some future superstars in year 2!


Miss Hilton

2017/18 Green Top Learning Structure

Below is the structure of learning at Green Top next year. As you will see, we welcome new teachers to Green Top; Mrs Wallace and Miss Blackham. We are also pleased to say that Miss Knowles and Miss Bisby have returned to the school after completing their Initial Teacher Training courses.

Mr Mumby, after 4 years here, has decided to move schools, due to family commitments.

Miss Schon and Mr Gravil will be joining Mrs Bembridge in providing teacher intervention for our children.

Mrs Graves has been appointed as SEN Leader and will deliver quality sessions for our SEN children.

Mrs Raper will provide support and challenge for our Newly Qualified Teachers next year.

Picnic in the Park 2017

The community of Thorne have come out today to take part in Green Top’s Picnic in the Park. The choir, cheerleaders and other talented Green Top children are all performing in Thorne Park this afternoon.

Year 2 ice cream parlour visit


As a  treat for completing their SATS Year 2 had a visit to Morani’s Gelato this afternoon. It was just what we all neeeded in this hot weather. A huge thank you to the staff at Morani’s and parents that made our visit run smoothly and of course to Mr Butler for treating us! The children have worked really hard this half term and from their faces I think we can definitely say that they enjoyed their ice cream! Keep smiling year 2 we are all really proud of you!

Mrs Hay, Mr Gravil, Miss Hilton and Miss Rhodes

Collaborative afternoon for year2

IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1061 IMG_1066 IMG_1069 IMG_1070 IMG_1072 IMG_1076

This afternoon both year 2 classes got together to do some amazing collaborative learning about the parts of a castle. The children could choose who they worked with and painted a basic shape of a castle and labelled all the features. We all had lots of fun and we didn’t make  a mess on Mr Gravil’s carpet, hoooray!


Miss Hilton, Miss Myers and Miss Rhodes



We had a visit today from the Yorkshire Cricket Club and had an hour workshop with them. The children had loads of fun and had some great cricket skills! Definitely some future cricket stars at Green Top, watch out Joe Wroot!  A big thank you to mr Spetch for organising this afternoon and I think some children are keen to sign up for the allstars training camp!

Miss Hilton

Green Top’s Learning Song

During Arts Week, the entire school came together to produce this music video. Thanks to all the staff involved, especially Mrs Close and Mr Mumby. Enjoy!
Sing along with the words:

Lincoln Castle

Today the sun shone down on Year 2 at Lincoln Castle. The children had a wonderful day at knight school, walking the castle walls and exploring what it would have been like at a real medieval banquet. The children were a credit to the school with their impeccable behaviour and lovely manners when interacting with the general public.

The trip inspired us all to get stuck into our new theme ‘What secrets can the castle wall tell us?’ and we can’t wait to learn more in the coming weeks.

A big thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who kindly gave up their valuable time to support the children’s learning on the trip.

Mrs Hay 🙂

IMG_0840[1]IMG_0854[1] IMG_0815[1]IMG_6676[1]IMG_6694[1]

Lincoln castle visit

IMG_0942 IMG_0946 IMG_0948 IMG_0949 IMG_0952 IMG_0967 IMG_0975 IMG_0984 IMG_0990 IMG_1005 IMG_1006 IMG_1007 IMG_1010

Wow what an amazing day it was! We have had so much fun at Lincoln castle and we have learnt so much from it! We had a banquet, trained to be knights and went up for a walk along the castle wall. If anyone can comment on this post and tell me how old lincoln castle is you can have 10 house points and a treat from the treat box! Thank you to all the children for taking part today and being so well behaved. Miss Hilton