Class 7 have made ants this afternoon out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks, they also labelled the parts of the ant using their knowledge from the previous day. Yes we did eat a marshmallow when we had finished they were too good to resist.


Great group work work today class 7 you have all been fabulous!


Thank you


Miss Hilton

Active travel tree

Class 7 have made their own leaf to go onto the active travel tree that will be made for the key stage 1 corridor. The colour of the leaf indicates how each child gets to school in the mornings.


Thank you


Miss Hilton

Active travel challenge

As part of our active travel week we are doing a ‘daily mile’. Year 2 did thiers this morning and were the best Stickability Stans. The children can walk, jog or run around the school field 6 times to complete their mile. You were great year 2 let’s see if we can improve our fitness over the next 2 weeks.


thank you


Miss Hilton and Mrs Shaw

Sheerwood Forest part 1


Class 7 have had an amazing day at Sheerwood forest discovering different mini beasts and learning all about animal habitats. We found some interesting mini beasts including Damson flies and spiders with egg sacks attached! Thank you to all the adults that helped on the trip you have been wonderful. We’ve had a day to remember!

More pictures to follow.

Thank You


Miss Hilton and Mrs Robertson

Year 2 we now have three!

Class 8 I brought the butterfly garden home yesterday after we discovered one butterfly had emerged.

I have just checked and discovered we are now the owners of 3 butterflies that have emerged from their chrysallis’. We have one more to go! I have put flowers in for them to live on and will now need to make some nectar syrup to drip on to the flowers.

I will keep you updated over the holidays!

Mrs Jackson