Going for Gold! Green is great!

This week in Nursery the children have been working together to halve an amount! We used our smiley faces to help us remember what we are aiming for. The. children worked together using lots of different activities to show their understanding of halving amounts to ten and twenty! The language of learning in the classroom has been amazing this week. Well done Nursery!

“It helps us remember to do the stuff we should be doing (expected progress) Frankee

“If a friend doesn’t know how to do something we can help them. So if they can’t read a number 6 or 7 we can show them.” Cohen

“It helps us to get it right” Erin

” It helps us in our play to remember it” Flynn

EasyPeasy Hide and Seek

The nursery children had so much fun playing hide and seek with objects for this weeks EasyPeasy game! They paired up and tested each others understanding and memory skills by hiding four objects. This game really helped us with our communications skills as we had to be specific in our descriptions to help our friends find them!

EasyPeasy App!

This week was the launch of our EasyPeasy App. I am so pleased to have welcomed parents already into the EasyPeasy pod! Don’t forgot to return your slip with your name and number and you can receive a text with the latest game  to get your child School ready! Today we tried the game of the week ‘sock puppets’ .

The focus of this game is writing and a simple game where children can explore using narrative and their creative thinking to tell a story. Skills children will need for creative writing when they are ready! Have fun at home and don’t forget to comment in the forum so we can see how much fun you are having!

sneak peak!


The nursery children visited their new blank canvas classroom today. As part of our transition back to our new learning space we explored the empty space, spoke about our favourite things we need to include and our behaviour and learning expectations next week. The children were super excited to share how they feel with each other. We are so excited for what our new learning space has to offer our children in early years at Greentop!


” can we stay here forever? ” Florence

” this is our new school!” Edward

” I feel super super excited! ” Erin

” Oh…Wow! ” Travis

” Where will we have snacks?!” Jersey

” I really like the steps.” Cohen



World book day in Nursery

A super day was had by all celebrating world book day by dressing up and enjoying our favourite stories and exploring our favourite characters. A massive well done to Naomi for winning best dressed! The nursery staff were in awe of her home made costume and of her knowledge of many stories including a ladybird character. The children had lots of fun talking about their costumes and stories and had lots of book fun at maths time! In the morning the children enjoyed a big bedtime story read where they collected cushions and blankets to lay and listen to their favourite stories brought in from home. In the afternoon the children watched their favourite class text ‘the train ride ‘ and took part in one of their first assemblies. We finished off the day creating character selfies and watching Paddington Bear for our funky Friday!