F1 Wonderful explorers!

The nursery children have had a fantastic time being mini-beast explorers this week. The children’s interest, exploration and level of conversation was exciting to see and hear. The children spoke not only about what they had found but the differences in mini-beasts, where they like to live and how we can care for them further. Well done F1!

IMG_4383 IMG_4432

“Spiders make webs but flies don’t.The ant is brown and worm has black on it.” Rhylee

“This worm is the longest!” Rosie

IMG_4433 IMG_4437

“Woodlice live in the woods. It feels dirty. A worm is warm and long but the woodlouse is smaller and black,It’s got lots of legs too.” Oliver R

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Home learning

Noah brought in cress heads he had made at home for his learning challenge! Noah wanted to eat his cress and also shared with friends! They were a little apprehensive of the taste but Noah encouraged them to try. The verdict? “We love cress!”

Noah shared his product at the homework learning circle and very soon children were making their very own cress pots complete with name labels! Come and see how well they have grown and have a try if you are brave enough!

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Green Top Nursery Gardeners

This week the children have enjoyed exploring and enhancing their nursery garden. We have been painting plant pots ready to plant bulbs and seeds, digging dry and wet soil, spreading wildflower,  making lunch in the mud kitchen and decorating stones and pots for the potting shed.


Green Top’s Learning Song

During Arts Week, the entire school came together to produce this music video. Thanks to all the staff involved, especially Mrs Close and Mr Mumby. Enjoy!
Sing along with the words:

Canon Hall Farm

farmsmall animals

Our trip to Canon Hall Farm was a fantastic success! What a way to start our new theme ‘What are the Scarecrow’s secrets?’. We had so much fun having a private tour around the farm looking at the equipment, learning about how the farm works and feeding the animals. We can’t wait to turn our classroom into a farm now and to share our learning from the day. We are very excited!

A big thank you from Miss Carter and the Nursery adults to both the children and adults for representing Greentop in the community.

Easter Fun

Bunny hunt

The children decided that we should go on a bunny hunt to catch the Easter Bunny! They enjoyed chanting the words of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt and had fun changing the words to fit their Easter fun! Here are some of the ‘eggciting’ activities including Making Easter nests, designing our own Eater eggs, making Easter cards and a number hunt!