Has anyone seen Goldilocks?

F1 had a visitor this week into nursery. Goldilocks created havoc in the sensory room and left a terrible mess!


The children talked about how the scene was similar to the story and discussed whether they thought she was good or bad! Lots of discussion happened around how Goldilocks would need to be on Miss Carter’s yellow spot and would need help by friends to look after the classroom! The children created wanted posters and wrote questions to ask Goldilocks when they see her next. If anyone finds her please let us know!

The extension has started!

Day 1 and 2! The nursery children were excited and full of questions about the future of our nursery garden space!

“I feel sad Miss Carter because our grass has gone! I want it to be finished now. Will the diggers come back next week?”  Flyn

“It looks so beautiful! I like the windows!” Rukseeya (Looking at the plans)

“I can see one digger. It is red! ” Cody

The nursery children enjoyed observing the very first developments and looking at our exciting extension plans. The role play box is ready to go! Watch this space for more exciting photographs and learning moments.


We can Write!

This week in nursery the children have made a fantastic start improving their mark making for writing. The children have explored writing materials in many different ways creating pre letter shapes and writing the letters of their name! We have enjoyed writing on the yellow brick road, the chalk board table , the clevertouch and using card and paper in the reading and writing room. Well done F1!

The Wizard of OZ

This week in Nursery we have had lots of fun exploring the story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Here are some photographs of the children moving like the characters from the story and of role play and creative work.


Nursery Sports Day

The Nursery children celebrated their last week together by taking part in sports day sessions. The children were challenged to complete twenty activities including ‘jumping the hay bales’ and ‘welly wanging’ . All received a certificate and medal for taking part. Well done to my gold medallists!

Miss Carter

EYFS Celebration of learning

On Wednesday our parents and carers were invited to our garden party themed celebration to celebrate our theme ‘what are the Scarecrow’s secrets?’ We had fun sharing our books and slideshows of learning. We read together the story of ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding and sang songs together including Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. We had lots of fun posing by the tractor, having our faces painted and taking part in the scavenger Hunt. Lots of you enjoyed a picnic and dancing in the hall with Mrs Hardman! There were games and story sessions in F2 classrooms and a fantastic time was enjoyed by all! A big thank you to all staff and parents for making our event extra special but also appreciating and celebrating the last theme of the year and the vast amount of learning that has taken place.



Bake it Better Day!

Nahla Walker proudly presents her fundraising cheque to her class friends. Nahla explained that she has raised more than £900 for the children’s hospital which she attends by doing a raffle and cake sale for family, friends and teachers. She baked buns throughout the afternoon to share with friends and talked about how she was “baking it better by helping poorly girls and boys.”  We are so very admirable of this little girls initiative and awareness at such at young age.

Well done Nahla!  We are all very proud of you!