Here are some more clips of our visit to Pink Pig Farm. I am sure you will enjoy watching the clips as much as the children did today while they reflected excitedly about the day they had at Pink Pig Farm.





Nursery’s adventure to Pink Pig Farm

Fun with Phonics!

This week in phonics we have had lots of fun exploring stories. Reading a book with an adult helps to build concentration skills, imagination and vocabulary. This week we have been playing with our voices to create different sounds including the sounds of characters and animals in stories. Why not give it a go and join in with one of our favourite stories at home. ‘A Squash and a Squeeze!’

Exploring theme

Nursery have been fabulous exploring Eddie’s this week! They have been thinking about the jobs that farmers do and our trip to pink pig farm really enhanced our play this week!

Building a tractor and driving it down the road to the farm…

Planting and counting seeds…

Exploring the tools a farmer uses in the soil…

Cleaning the muddy animals and washing the fruit off the trees

Painting and stamping pictures of the animals we saw at Pink Pig Farm

Making ‘lunch’ and chopping the carrots

Enjoying a story in the reading barn…


Pink Pig Farm

Nursery had an amazing experience at Pink Pig Farm! We have learnt how to make bread and been on a tractor ride to see the animals and fields. We will be bringing back lots of memories from a beautiful working farm! The children were wonderful and the parents are tired! Thank you to Linda and Rebecca for their help and expertise .


Tractor visit


Mrs Swift and her son Simon brought a tractor to EYFS! The children had the opportunity to see and hear the tractor and look closely at a working farm vehicle. They asked lots of wonderful questions and talked together about their learning afterwards in class! They noticed lots of things about the tractor and it sparked lots of talking about our trip next week! Thank you so much to ‘Farmer Swifty’ and Mrs Swift for this exciting afternoon.


Hook week

The children have enjoyed exploring our EYFS theme title this week and our hook question ‘what do we know about farms?’ Working together in small groups they explored the question, sharing their thoughts, ideas and ‘I wonders ‘ We can’t wait to explore our theme further!

A great first week!

A great first week had by the nursery children as they discovered a little, talked lots about their discoveries and explored their environment . Cooking in the farm cottage and planting beans were amongst the fun today. We are looking forward to the tractor visit next week and our visit to pink pig farm the week after!

Welcome back

A big welcome to our nursery children of 2018. We had lots of fun today making new friends and exploring our new environment for our theme ‘what are the scarecrows secrets? ‘ The children were amazingly brave and beautiful and what a very exciting year we have in store!

Key Learning Dates 2018/19

Our recent parent working group on the topic of holidays and attendance suggested Green Top publish our key dates for parents. Phase teams will send home details of celebration events and family learning etc but the dates below are what we have already planned into the calendar and which are crucial dates for the school.

To help you enjoy valuable family time we have also arranged our school calendar to help families plan holidays and long weekends together. These dates are: Friday 28th September and Monday 1st October and Friday 28th June and Monday 1st July.

As you know we are have planned a two week half term in the Autumn term, beginning Monday 22nd October. This should allow parents to find cheaper holidays for their families.

Crucial learning dates are below:

Autumn Term

Year 6 Assessment Week – 26th November 2018

Year 1 – Year 5 Assessment Week – 3rd December 2018

Christmas Activities and Performances – Begin 10th December 2018

Spring Term

Year 6 Assessment Week – 4th February 2019

Year 1 – Year 5 Assessment Week – 25th March 2019

Child Led Parent Conferences – Begin 1st April 2019

Green Top’s Got Talent – 4th April 2019

Summer Term

Year 6 SATs – 13th May 2019

Year 2 SATs – 20th May 2019

Year 1 Phonic Screener – 10th June 2019

Year 1 – Year 5 Assessment Week – 1st July 2019

Sports Week – 8th July 2019

Transition Week – Begins 17th July 2019

2018/19 Holiday Pattern can be found here.