Reminder – EYFS family learning

Reminder Wednesday is ‘Dress up as a Pirate day’ and family learning,

Family learning starts at 1.30pm – come along for our ‘Pirate Treasure Hunt’ around the school grounds. We will be searching for clues to complete the puzzle. Completed puzzles will be rewarded with treasure.

Please don’t spend lots of money on costumes – cut up some old trousers or an old skirt, wear red, black and white or stripy clothes.


Green Top has got lots of Talent!


On Thursday 22nd March, we held our annual Green Top’s Got Talent event. There were 30 acts who took part in the auditions, performances and final show. We had an absolute treat of a show with various different acts including dancers, singers, boxing to music and gymnastics.

The winners were announced on the night, with Gwenyth, Megan and Emily receiving runners up awards and Tyler taking first place with his Ed Sheeran rendition.

We were overwhelmed by the confidence and attitude of everyone of our competitors and can’t wait to see what next year holds!

Thanks as always go to our judges and parents and carers for providing a great audience for the performers.

Well done guys!

EasyPeasy Hide and Seek

The nursery children had so much fun playing hide and seek with objects for this weeks EasyPeasy game! They paired up and tested each others understanding and memory skills by hiding four objects. This game really helped us with our communications skills as we had to be specific in our descriptions to help our friends find them!


We have relaunched our Attendance Challenge this half term rather than giving a £100 to the class with the best each term we are now giving £10 to the class with the best attendance each week (if there is a tie the matching winning classes will get £5). This has been a huge hit with the children.

So far class 3 and class 12 have won £10 to spend as they choose. Both classes are saving their money for a bigger reward. Watch the class blogs to see how they choose to spend their money!