A walk around Thorne

Year 4 have been gathering information for our new theme. We have been asking the local residents about Thorne. The children were so polite and confident and we have lots of information to work with later this week!

Year 3 & 4 Christmas Concert!

Year 3 & 4 held their Christmas service in church today and presented letters of thanks to some of our emergency services for their hard work over the Christmas period. Thank you to Mr Hagyard, Mrs Walton, Mr Fenwick and Mrs Burnand for attending our service and passing on our letters. Merry Christmas from all of Year 3 & 4.




Christmas Dinner at Green Top

We really enjoyed our Christmas Dinner today. Thanks to Natalie and her team for making it so special.

Class 12 have been writing letters to say thank you to the services for their work all year round; but particularly at Christmas time! Well done class 12, your writing has blown me away and I’m sure the receivers of your letters will be so happy to read them on Christmas Day!