Google slides

I have a class full of superstars! They have been creating google slides in groups inspired by our expert visitor Mel from earlier this week. Yesterday, I challenged my class to insert images and texts boxes into google slides and they all did it! I have really enjoyed reading them and the children enjoyed creating them. Well done everyone.

Thanks Mel!

Year 3 were really lucky to have Mel in to speak to them today as an expert on WWII. Mel has copious amount of knowledge on the war but today she focused on rationing. The children were so enthusiastic and has asked lots of questions.

They are so excited to have a visit next week from a friend of Mel’s- Harry; to learn even more about the war!

Beautiful art work

Class 10 have created some beautiful art work this morning. How amazing does it look? They are all so proud of it and they all wanted their photo in front of it!

Mega maths!

Class 10 have majorly impressed me today! They have worked so beautifully and I am feeling really proud. They’ve worked in groups on addition questions and some even coached to the rest of the class how they reached their answers!


Keep up the hard work!

Bar modelling

Today in class 10 we have been using the bar method to add three numbers to make one hundred. The children really enjoyed using the bar models and they were really proud of themselves as am I! Keep up the hard work super stars!