Super touch downs

Class 10 were amazing today when writing their final touch downs. I have started to read & mark them and I am blown away with the quality of them. You have all worked so hard and I am so proud of you all.

Awesome home learning!

These children have created fantastic pieces during home learning! £100 class cash each! Levi has made a super tank and an Anderson shelter. Lilly has made a tank so huge she struggled to carry it through the door! Max has made an Anderson shelter with vegetables and he has brought in a real gas mask and gas mask box! How amazing!

Sophia the superstar!

Sophia has blown me away with her efforts in her writing. She has included a range of fronted adverbials independently AND she has used the correct use of a comma afterwards! Well done Sophia- £100 class cash!

A real gas mask!

Today Charley brought in a real gas mask from her family friend. The children were amazed when Charley took it around the years 3 & 4 classes to share it with them. They had lots of questions and Charley did a fantastic job of answering them!


Thank you again Charley for brining this in! £100 class cash for you!

Family learning

A huge thank you to all who attended our family learning this afternoon. Class 10 really enjoyed creating Blitz artwork; mixing their warm colours to create the background and adding silhouettes. The quality has blown Mrs Clay and I away and we can’t wait to display them all. Another family learning creating similar artwork will be on the 8th November for those parents who couldn’t make today’s. (Of course, all parents are still welcome even if you attended today). Thank you again-

Miss Blackham & Mrs Clay

Class 10 love a challenge and they loved comparing and ordering numbers to 1000 and applying this skill to reason and problem solving.

Art preparation

Class 10 really enjoyed learning about primary colours. They enjoyed mixing the primary colours and making secondary colours in preparation for our painting and blending lesson tomorrow ready to start our Blitz artwork.