Girls football

Another great match this evening with amazing effort from both teams! Green top played against another very talented side and unfortunately we didn’t get the win but all the girls played their hearts out should be so proud of themselves! I am unbelievably proud.


Keep up the hard work girls ready for the next match next half term!

Our eggs experiment


Today we carried out a science experiment by placing eggs (as a representation of our teeth) in different liquids: orange juice, milk, water, dilute and coca-cola. The children made predictions about what we think will happen to the eggs. We are leaving the eggs over the weekend before carrying on with the second part of the experiment.

Making teeth!


This afternoon, class 12 created their own teeth with papier-mâché. We looked at the different types of teeth: molars, pre-molars, canines and incisors and the different roles each type of tooth has. The children loved making them and they can not wait to display them around our classroom.





Today, class 12 have visited Eureka in relation to our theme ‘What keeps us alive?’. The children loved exploring the all about me section and they worked collaboratively to complete a number of questions on the quiz all linked to our latest theme. The children had so much fun and were a credit to their school!


Touch downs in the sun

Today, class 12 completed our final touch downs in the sun. Working outside is class 12’s favourite so we made the most of the lovely weather!

I am super impressed with the quality of work and the beautiful handwriting, even with our change of learning environment so well done everyone, keep up the hard work!

Our practical muscle experiment

This afternoon, Class 12 carried out a muscle experiment. Firstly, we learnt about the names of different types of muscles. Then, we spoke about different exercises we might do to work our muscles and then made predictions on which activity/exercise would work which muscles. Here are some photos of the children during the exercises!

Then we finished off with a class 12 planking challenge and Ben and Sophie won! Super work by everyone and I can not wait to read the follow up work tomorrow when we discuss our results!