We are home learners!

Louis would like to share his fantastic Roman poem which he completed for his home learning.

                                                          Romans, Romans!                                                                 They can crush you like a pack of Dobermans.

                                               Romans are very strong and brave                                                       and really, really crave copper metal and gold.

                                                They built roads and bridges so high                                                    and Julius Caesar gave us the name July.

                                          The Romans Stayed in Britain for years!                                                    I bet the British came out in tears.


Such an amazing response to our home learning menu in class 11.  Well done Guys!!

(Max and Corbyn included)


Hook Week

We were very busy during hook week. Making brooches, scroll staining, painting Roman shields, sketching and producing our mosaics!  It was brilliant fun.

We All Love Our New Learning Environment In Class 11!

Everyone in class 11 has been exploring and using the environment in lots of ways.  Our favourite places are: The museum, this helps us with our theme learning.  The temple, is a good place to work with a group as we can use the big whiteboard and discuss our learning.  The reading area is great because the sofa and coffee table make us feel like we are learning at home!