Learning a text in new ways.

In our imitate week we have tried new ways to learn a text off by heart! In these images the children were interviewing each other, the challenge was that their response had to match the text exactly to get the points.

Another task was a reading comprehension based on all the key points within the newspaper report .  Then boxing up plan where they had to list the features and key points of each paragraph in order!  Amazing work!

A successful switcheroo!

In class 11 this week we have had one of our favourites as a class! We have moved our classroom environment around, introduced new groups, team points and carousel learning tasks. The children requested new ways of learning and I listened.  We have had a fantastic week together and we have managed all the changes incredibly well.

Coordinate fun!

This week the children have been looking at coordinates, plotting points and looking at translation.  They worked so hard and have picked up their new skills with ease.

I am learning

New I am leaning home learning tasks have been added. Remember 50 housepoints for completing and 100 housepoints for my highest scorers.

Have fun guys! Remember you can message for help.

Properties of geometric shapes

Another shape challenge faced the children today, drawing and discussing the property of certain 2d shapes.  The children had to then, in their groups, decide how the shapes could be sorted or if there was an odd one out. I was very impressed with the mathematical vocabulary used by the children and how much they were able to discuss and share with each other.

Finding symmetry within shapes

This week the children have moved away from angles to symmetry within shapes.  As a practical task the children had 10 minutes to gather shapes and draw on any lines of symmetry they could find. Mirrors were available for the children to use for some more of the tricky shapes.