Christmas is coming to Green Top

Click the link here to read about all the Christmas events that are happening at Green Top this year.

Collaboration masters in theme.

This group of children in class 11 yesterday absolutely amazed me with their collaboration skills.  They worked so well as a group and organised their own learning. Each member was involved and had a role to fulfill which meant they achieved and made outstanding progress. Well done!! 

Terrific Theme!

Class 11 blew me away yesterday with their theme learning about Roman gods. They worked in groups to read about, question, and discuss which God was their favourite and why. They got so much from working together it was lovely to see. 

Roman dress up day!!!

We all had a lovely first day back after half term with lots of exciting activities, homework and stories to share with each other.

The children made their own Roman coins from clay, made a Roman plaque using salt dough, played a Roman game, made chariots, a laurel head wreath and that was just the morning!  In the afternoon, we had our very own Roman feast where the children were able to taste different breads, olives, dried berries, roasted garlic, grapes, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and a variety of cheeses.  After our amazing feast the children provided their own Roman entertainment, we had singing, beat boxing, jokes, acting and even mime artists! It was such a fantastic day thank you year 4.


Wonderful Writing

After all their hard work editing and improving class 11 completed their final touchdowns.  You all worked so hard and did an amazing job, thank you for all your hard work!!

Some examples below written by Max, Amelia and Brian:

Editing and improving

Before half term class 11 were looking at improving their writing ready for their final touchdowns.  They were all amazing at reading through their work as both writers and editors in order to make those important changes to further improve.

They all worked extremely well together and supported their peers with small errors, spellings, punctuation mistakes and used their rubrics to help each other include any missing features.  This is our second time of working this way and I have already seen a massive improvement.  Keep working hard guys!!



Ten Day Active Challenge

Thank you to everyone who completed the Ten Day Active Challenge – keep active and arriving at school on time!