Learning fun, in the sun!

Today class 12 made the most of the beautiful weather and we took our literacy work outside. We created symbol maps in groups based on our WAGOLL text. The children had lots of fun and I s by wait to see the symbols maps acted out tomorrow!

Bone angles

Yesterday, we investigated angles in the shape of bones linked to our theme ‘what keeps us alive?’. The children loved labelling the acute, obtuse and right angles and ordering them smallest to largest. Super hard work from all of class 12 as always.

Great Family Learning!

Thank you to everybody today for another fabulous ‘Family Learning’ in Class 9.

The children enjoyed designing a meal incorporating foods from the different food groups.

They had some great ideas and produced some fantastic work.

Thank you to parents and carers for supporting the children in their learning.

The Mayor and Mayoress even came to see what we were up to!

Thorstein the Viking!

Year 5 enjoyed learning about Vikings when a real one came to visit! We learnt all about Viking weapons, invasions, artefacts and food! We got the chance to look at real Viking weapons (which were blunt, thankfully) as well as play lots of exciting games to help us learn.




Emily’s amazing dancing!

As we all know, Emily from Class 10 is an amazing and very talented dancer. Emily and her family regularly attend dancing competitions each weekend all over the country. Over the Easter holidays and weekends, Emily has won LOTS of trophies and medals which she is incredibly proud of, as we all are! Emily brought the trophies in to show us and the children were blown away by how well she has done. Great work Emily!