Fantastic collaboration Class 8

On Friday class 8 worked in teams to compare the two stories ‘Tadpole’s promise’ and ‘The Teeny Weeny tadpole’.  They used the collaborative sheets to support them with their independent learning.  Many children achieved green standard as they could give reasons for the similarities and differences.


Going for Gold! Green is great!

This week in Nursery the children have been working together to halve an amount! We used our smiley faces to help us remember what we are aiming for. The. children worked together using lots of different activities to show their understanding of halving amounts to ten and twenty! The language of learning in the classroom has been amazing this week. Well done Nursery!

“It helps us remember to do the stuff we should be doing (expected progress) Frankee

“If a friend doesn’t know how to do something we can help them. So if they can’t read a number 6 or 7 we can show them.” Cohen

“It helps us to get it right” Erin

” It helps us in our play to remember it” Flynn

Super maths!

Class 12 have been working super hard in maths this morning. They have been focusing on problem solving in multiplication and division. Collaboratively, they have been working as a team and coaching one another. I am super proud of their efforts!


Class 7 have made ants this afternoon out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks, they also labelled the parts of the ant using their knowledge from the previous day. Yes we did eat a marshmallow when we had finished they were too good to resist.


Great group work work today class 7 you have all been fabulous!


Thank you


Miss Hilton