Do we have the next England number 1?

Class 16 had a great time on Friday afternoon. We used the new tennis equipment to learn new skills required to play a game. The children particularly enjoyed a balance game with a twist; they had move around with a ball balanced on racket whilst other children tried to knock their balls off balance! Great work class 16, I’m sure we do have England’s next number 1 tennis player!

Year 3 visit Sewerby!

Today, Year 3 visited Sewerby as part of their current theme. First, the children completed a short coastal walk looking at the landmarks around the coast, where they compared Thorne to Sewerby. The children then completed some sketches of landmarks of Bridlington before having lunch! After lunch, the children completed a workshop about Sewerby, and looked around the hall gardens where they saw lots of different animals! A really brilliant day and it was great to hear the children’s best bits!

Year 4 reading collaboration!

 Class 12 have recently began to use PEE (point, evidence and explain) in our reading lessons. As we were feeling super confident, we invited class 11 into one of our lessons and children paired up with someone from the other class to share their PEE’ing!. Class 12 did an amazing job at shairing and teaching their skills to class 11 and all of year 4 worked really hard!

Well done to everyone involved!

Miss Blackham & Miss Bisby


Bedore half-term class 12 participated in an E-safety lesson. We discussed how to keep safe on the internet and that we must tell an adult if we are ever asked for our details for anything or there is something we are unsure. Here are some of our posters we created that are now displayed across our classroom.

Super artists!

This week Class 8 have been practicing their sketching skills.  Following the input from our expert visitor yesterday, we went outside this afternoon to practice drawing the school building before we start our final art work for our  brochure on Thorne.  The children thought carefully about the size and shape of the building and applied the range of new shading techniques they have learnt this week.  I wonder if they can show you how to hatch, cross hatch and scrumble!

Year 3 and 4’s History Visit to XP.

Today,Year 3 & 4 visited XP as part of their Year 9 history project,The Normans and Atoms! The children from Green Top were partnered with a student from Year 9 where they completed some interesting activities which our children loved! The children then completed an exit ticket before leaving. Both sets of children were a credit to their schools, well done guys!